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Our School

Scoil Freastogail Mhuire
Presentation Primary School
College road
Co. Cork

Phone (025)31550


Presentation Primary School is a Catholic school.

It is a Junior and Senior School with boys and girls from Infants to First Class and girls only from second to sixth class.

Within the school we have a special class for children presenting with autism. The special class also has a pre-school section.

Principal: Maria Kiely

Deputy Principal: Anne Marie Hayes

Secretaries: Angela McCarthy
Marion O'Brien

Assembly and Dismissal

School Hours
Official Opening Time: 8.50 a.m. (All students)
Official Closing Time: 1.30 p.m. (Infants)
Official Closing Time: 2.30 p.m. (1 – 6 Class)

Morning Assembly
Children will assemble in the school yards.
Children are required to be in school by 8.50am to line up with their classes when the school bell rings. Children may assemble in the school yards between 8.40am and 8.50am. A member of staff will be available from 8.40am onwards. School authorities cannot be respnsible for children on the school premises prior to 8.40am.
On hearing the school bell each child will line up in an orderly fashion in the appropriate place.
In the Junior School Classes will be escorted to their classroom by the class teacher.
In the Senior School the teacher on door duty supervises the children as they enter the school by the main door. All children go directly to their class, where they are met by their class teacher.
It is important that children arrive in school on time to line up with their classmates.
In the Junior School the main door remains locked at all times. Children and parents enter the school via the school yard. In the event of fire thumb locks are in place to open the door.

Leaving School
Infants are to be collected in the school yard at 1.30 p.m. by a parent/guardian or other responsible adult.
Parents are asked to make sure that their child is collected on time. Children quickly get anxious if they are kept waiting.
Parents are asked to give the names of other people who may be collecting their children to the Infant teachers.
Children from 1 to 6 class are expected to leave the school grounds in an orderly fashion at 2.30 p.m.
Children leaving the school before official closing time must be collected at the school and signed out.

Parents are requested to wait for their children in the school yard. In the interest of child protection and safety parents or those collecting children are asked not to wait on the corridor or outside the classroom doors.
Parents are asked to report to the office before going to a classroom during school hours.

In the event of a court order being in place which prevents someone from having access to a child, a copy of that order should be requested by the school.

Parents/guardians escorting children to and from school are advised that parking, turning or dropping children off in the avenue or in the Junior School car park is not permitted at any time.
No parking at the school entrance.

Regular punctual attendance in school is absolutely necessary. By not attending school regularly your child is missing out on essential basic education.

Children leaving the school before official closing time must be collected at the school and signed out.

In the event of a pupil being absent through illness or for any other reason the class teacher should be informed
by note on the pupil’s return to school. This is now a legal requirement.

Under the School Attendance Act, each child
is obliged by law to attend school every day on which the school is in operation unless there is a reasonable excuse for not attending.

If a child is absent for more than 20 days in a school year, the school authorities are obliged to inform the National Education Welfare Board.

School Uniform
The children wear the standard uniform or school tracksuit.
Boys: Navy jumper, navy pants, white shirt & red tie.
Girls: Navy jumper or cardigan, navy skirt, pinafore or pants, white shirt & red tie.

A school tracksuit is available, and only the school tracksuit can be worn.

Presentation school track suit available in Shaws and Joe Murphys.

Children should wear flat shoes. High heels, flip flops or heelys are
not allowed.

Please ensure that all parts of school uniform, coats, hats etc. are
clearly labelled with your child’s name.

In the interest of health and safety jewellery is to be
kept to a minimum. (Health and Safety policy)

Pupils are expected to be clean and tidy at all times, and to change their clothes regularly. Hair is to be kept neat and tidy.

Please check your child’s hair regularly for outbreaks of head lice. If you discover your child has head lice please notify the teacher.

Health and Safety
Healthy eating and exercise are promoted throughout the school. Pupils are expected to bring a sensible, nutritional lunch to school.

All children must go outdoors during break (weather permitting), unless in very special circumstances, i.e. immediately after illness, or when injured. Parents should contact school regarding same.

Activities or games which, in the opinion of the staff, may lead to injury or accidents will not be allowed within the school premises or the playground.

In the interest of safety and hygiene
Chewing gum is not allowed in school.
Tipp-ex or tipp-ex pens are not allowed.
Junior Infants to 1 Class are not allowed markers.

Parents and teachers are asked to monitor the weight of children’s school bags.

Children who are ill should not be sent to school.
The class teacher or Principal should be informed if a child suffers from a medical condition or allergies

As children may occasionally become ill, or involved in accidents during school hours, it is necessary to provide the name of an
alternative contact in the event of both parents being not available. Please inform the school of any change of telephone number or address.

Healthy Eating
Mid morning break: 10.45 a.m. to 10.55 a.m.
Lunch break: 12.30 p.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Children have a small snack at mid-morning break, and have their main lunch at the 12.30 p.m. break.

We promote healthy eating habits in school. Fruit, sandwiches, yogurt, cheese etc. and a drink of milk/water/juice make a healthy lunch.

Sweets, crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks should not be included.

Nuts and kiwi fruit are not allowed because of allergies.

Homework for Junior Infants will not be given until after the October mid-term break.
Children will generally have homework Monday to Thursday nights.
While it is important that you help your child with homework, never do it for them.
Each child will have a homework diary. Any messages for the teacher may be written into the diary.
Appointments to meet the teacher may be made through the office. (Tel 025/31550)

The Primary School Curriculum
The new Primary School Curriculum is presented in six subject areas, some of which are further sub-divided into subjects.

Language(Gaeilge & English)
Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (S.E.S.E.) (History, Geography and Science)
Arts Education
(Visual Arts, Music and Drama)
Social, Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E.)
Physical Education

takes place in a number of ways in the school and the involvement of parents at all stages of the programme is essential for its effectiveness. Children learn through experiencing a positive school climate and atmosphere and by exploring aspects of the curriculum through relevant subject areas. It includes R.S.E. (Relationships and Sexuality Education), Stay Safe and the Substance Abuse Prevention Programmes. All policies can be viewed on the school website (

Information Technology:
The school is now connected to Broadband. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. Pupils may be on the internet to assist their learning. There is an Internet Acceptable Use Policy in the school.

School Activities
The pupils in Presentation Primary School take part in a wide range of activities.

Music Dance and Drama
All children take part in music and drama classes.
The tin whistle is the chosen musical instrument taught in the school (2 – 6 Class).
Traditional Irish Dancing is taught from Junior Infants to 6 Class.
The School Choir performs at various events throughout the year.
Children take part in school concerts, nativity plays and other school events.

Sport is an integral part of our school curriculum. We encourage participation in a wide variety of sporting activities.
These include swimming, hurling, camogie, football, hockey, soccer, athletics and gymnastics.

Code of Behaviour
The Code of Behaviour of Presentation Primary School is directed towards creating and maintaining conditions of a pleasant, orderly environment within the school, so that pupils and teachers may work in an environment which is conducive to learning.

The overall responsibility for discipline within the school rests with the Principal. Each teacher has responsibility for the maintenance of discipline within his/her classroom while sharing responsibility for good order within the school premises. A pupil will be referred to the Principal for serious breaches of discipline and for repeated incidents of minor misbehaviour. (
Dept. of Ed.: circular 20/90)

Parents play a crucial role in shaping the attitudes which produce good behaviour. The establishment of good discipline is not effective without the co-operation of parents. It is vital that your children are aware of your support and goodwill towards the school.

See Code of Behaviour in your child’s homework journal.

Guidelines for Behaviour
All pupils are expected to:

Have self-respect
Treat staff, their fellow pupils and visitors with respect and courtesy at all times.
Listen carefully, co-operate with the teacher and work to the best of their ability.
Obey the instructions of any member of the school staff while in school, or during any school related events
Be honest
Wear school uniform every day
Respect school property and keep the school environment clean and litter free
Be punctual
Line up in an orderly fashion on hearing the bell
Be careful and play safely
Follow all computer rules
Complete any homework assignments given by the teacher
Pupils are not allowed to bring their own toys or games to school except on special occasions
Obey school rules at all times

Golden Rule

Treat others
as you would
like them to
treat you

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