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Enrolement Policy Special Class (ASD)


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Autistic Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D.) Special Class
Enrolment / Admission Policy


The Board of Management provides a class for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in accordance with the Department of Education and Skills guidelines and support structures. It is committed to providing the highest quality of education for the children concerned. A Multi-Disciplinary approach is recommended by the Department of Health in collaboration with the Department of Education and Skills to support this class. The A.S.D. class also includes a pre-school section.

The Class Ratio - Pupil teacher ratio is 6 : 1, with two special needs assistants (full time) in accordance with the Department of Education and Science.

The number of admissions depends on the number of places available, which may vary from year to year.

In the event of the number of children seeking enrolment into the A.S.D. classes exceeding the number of places available names will be placed on a waiting list in accordance with the date the school receives fully completed application forms and appropriate documents, assessments and reports.

The curriculum is tailored for individual needs and works towards the mainstream primary education.

Teaching methods include elements of various styles and techniques i.e. A.B.A. (Applied Behaviour Analysis), T.E.A.C.C.H., P.E.C.S., Lámh signing and a variety of sensory stimuli.

The aim is to integrate all pupils within the main body of the school whenever possible.

Criteria for Admission / Enrolment

1. Parent wishing to enrol their child in the A.S.D. class should contact the School Principal, Maria Kiely at 025/31550. Parents may also contact the local Special Education Needs Organiser (S.E.N.O.), Maria Moriarty at 025/30300.

2. All Psychological Reports / Assessments / Records will be made available to the Principal and S.E.N.O. prior to enrolment; the level of needs and care required by each child will be clearly defined. Where necessary, contact will be made with the relevant psychologists, therapists or members of A.S.D. team to clarify any outstanding matters regarding assessment.

3. The child must have a diagnosis on the Autistic Spectrum. The A.S.D. team must recommend that the child shall attend a special class for children presenting with autism within a mainstream primary school.

4. The A.S.D. classes cater for children of Primary School age.
In general boys may attend until the end of 1/ 2 Class.
Girls may attend until the end of 6 Class.

The A.S.D. class has a pre-school section. Children attending the pre- school section of the A.S.D. class must be 3 years old before enrolment.

The individual needs of each child are constantly reviewed to ensure that
the A.S.D. class is the appropriate setting to meet the needs of the child.
Reviews will be carried out in consultation with the parents.

5. The School Principal will liaise with the S.E.N.O. and the parents to ensure that the A.S.D. class is the most appropriate place for the child.

6. Parents will apply for admission to the A.S.D. class on the School Application Form. Parents will also need to complete the NCSE (National Council for Special Education) application forms.

7. The Principal and the teacher in charge of the Autistic Class will meet with the parents and the child.

8. The enrolment of children in the Special Class will be within the remit of the Board of Management.

9. Parents wishing to avail of school transport/taxi escort should fill in the NCSE application form for school transport. This form must be signed by the parents, Principal and the S.E.N.O. This needs to be arranged in advance of admission. School transport is not always guaranteed.

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