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Data Protection


Presentation Primary School, Fermoy
Data Protection Policy

The purpose of the policy is to identify the Records required to be retained by the school and to ensure confidentiality and manageable procedures in relation to access to such records by parents and other stake holders. This policy was formulated by the staff and Board of Management of Presentation Primary School.

> A policy on data protection and record keeping is necessary to ensure that the school has proper procedures in place in relation to accountability and transparency
> It is good practice to record pupil progress so as to identify learning needs

> A policy must be put in place to ensure a school complies with legislation such as;

Education Act 1998
Education Welfare Act 2000
Data Protection Act 2003
Freedom of Information Act 1997


> To ensure the school complies with legislative requirements
> To clarify the types of records maintained and the procedures relating to making them available to the relevant bodies
> To put in place a proper recording and reporting framework on the educational progress of pupils
> establish clear guidelines on making these records available to parents and pupils over 18 years of age.
> stipulate the length of time records and reports will be retained

The Principal assumes the function of controllerand supervises the application of the Data Protection Act within the school. The data under the control of the Principal comes under the following headings.

A. Personal Data:
This data relates to personal details of the students such as name, address, date of birth, gender, home telephone and mobile contact details, ethnic origin, nationality, religious belief, medical details, dietary information, PPSN (in case of students with special educational needs). It also includes the names of students' parents/guardians. This information is included in the School Enrolment Form. These forms are kept in the Administration Office.

B. Student Records
Student records maintained under the Data Protection Policy will include:

1.School Reports. An annual progress report is issued to each child's parent/guardian at the end of the school year. A copy of this report is available on request to a parent who resides at a different address. These reports and computerised and password protected.
2. Psychological Assessments Reports issued following psychological assessment are securely stored in the administration office. Reports issued following other assessments such as Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language, Medical etc are also stored in the administration office.
3. Standardised Test Results Standardised Tests in English and Mathematics are administered in May to all classes from First Class to Sixth Class. Class Record Sheets are securely stored by the Class Teacher and Learning Support/Resource Teacher in charge. The Principal will also retain a copy of class record sheets. Test Booklets are stored in the administration office for one school year after which they are shredded.
4. Screening Tests The MIST (Middle Infant Screening Test) Assessment is administered to all Senior Infant children in March of each year. Quest Screening for reading is administered to 1 Class. Class record sheets are securely stored by the class teacher and Learning Support teacher in charge. The Principal will also retain a copy of the class record sheet.
5. Teacher - designed tests Results of teacher designed tests are securely stored by the teacher.
6. Diagnostic Test Reports Diagnostic tests are administered by the Learning Support Teachers, Resource Teachers and Reading Recovery Teacher. Results from these assessments are securely stored by the relevant teachers and details are also included in the Main School File.
7. Special Educational Needs Classroom Support Plans, School Support Plans and Individual Education Plans will be completed by relevant teachers for children with Special Educational Needs. Copies will be securely stored by teachers and a copy included in the Main School File.
8. Learning Support/Resource Datasuch as records of consent/refusal to allow diagnostic testing or access to Learning Support Teacher/Resource Teacher services in the school. These records are securely stored by the relevant teacher and copies included in the Main School File.
9. Portfolios of student work e.g. Art, Written work. These are retained by the class teacher and returned to each child at the end of the school year.
10. Attendance Records. Roll Books are computerized on the Aladdin database and are password protected. Attendance is recorded each day by the class teacher. Late arrivals are recorded on the Aladdin database and Early leavers are recorded in a notebook in each classroom. Attendance records are monitored by the Principal. Attendance records are printed and stored in the Leabhar Tinrimh by the secretary.
11.Record of child's breaches of Code of Behaviour. Each class teacher keeps a record of classroom incidents. Incidents of misbehavior in the school yard are noted by the teacher on yard duty. The Principal maintains a record of incidents brought to her attention.
12. Records of serious injuries/accidents. The Incident Report file is securely stored in the administration office. The teacher in charge records details of accidents and injuries sustained and action taken.
13. Indemnity Form for Administration of Medicine. These forms are retained in the office and copies included in the administration office.
14. Certificates of Exemption from the Study of Irish. Copies of certificates are securely stored by the Principal in the administration office.

> Records are kept for a minimum of seven years. Standardised test booklets are shredded but test results are kept on record until pupils reach adulthood (21 years of age). In the case of children with Special Educational Needs, records are stored until they reach the age of 24 years.
> A pupil profile is held for each pupil on computer file on Aladdin package.
> Pupil profiles for individual pupils are kept by each teacher in his/her individual classroom.
> As children pass to second level their personal records are stored in the school administration office (labeled with the school year in which they completed 6 class) for a period of time (7 years minimum).
> All completed school Roll Books, Registers and Leabhar Tinrimh are stored in the school administration office indefinitely. Access to these stored files is restricted to authorised personnel only. For computerised records, systems are password protected.

Access to Pupil Records:
The following will have access where relevant and appropriate to the data listed above where pupils are identified by name:

> Parents/Guardians
> Past pupils over 18
> Health Service Executive Staff (HSE)
> National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS)
> The National Council for Special Education (NCSE)
> National Education Welfare Board (NEWB)
> Occupational Therapists or Speech Therapists working with pupils
> Designated School Personnel
> Department of Education and Science (where necessary)
> First and Second Level schools (where relevant)
> Presentation Primary School Board of Management

Transfer of Student Records:
With the exception of child protection-related data which is governed by 'Children's First Guidelines and Procedures 2011', data on attendance, (governed by NEWB) and data regarding achievements in literacy and numeracy, (governed by National Strategy for literacy and numeracy), parental authorization must be provided by parents in the event of data being transferred to outside agencies. Outside agencies requesting access to records must do so in writing. Parents/Guardians of current pupils can make such a request either by phone or in writing. Past pupils and parents of past pupils seeking data must do so in writing.

The Annual School Report format and its communication to parents are outlined clearly in our School Assessment and Record Policy. A standardised school report form is used, which is issued by post in June to all parents along with results of standardized testing of pupils from 1 to 6 class.

C. Staff Data
Staff records include name, contact details, payroll number, PPSN, qualifications, contracts, references, curriculum vitae, job applications, attendance records, Garda Clearance, Medical Fitness to Teach, details of approved absences (career break, parental leave etc.). Manual records are kept in individual teachers files in the administration office. Computer records are kept on the Online Claim System (password protected). Access is restricted to the Principal and Secretary. Records are destroyed by way of shredding when no longer required.

D. Board of Management:

B.O.M. records include name, address and contact details of each member of the board of management, records in relation to appointments to the board, minutes of board of management meetings and correspondence to the board which may include references to particular individuals. Records are kept in the administration office.

Success Criteria:

> Compliance with Data Protection Act and Statute of Limitations Act
> Easy access to records
> Manageable storage of records

Roles and Responsibilities:
The school staff, under the direction of the Principal will implement and monitor this policy. Individual teachers will design, administer and record in-class testing. The Principal will ensure that records are maintained and securely stored.

Implementation Data:
This policy is effective from 4 November, 2013. All records from before that date will continue to be maintained.

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